Winter Weather Advisory

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On Christmas night, it snowed in South Carolina for the first time since the 1940s. I was thrilled that we missed it because we had left for San Francisco, but I guess Old Man Weather didn’t want the Mister and I to feel left out. This is what my yard looked like by the end of yesterday.

It reminds me a lot of a certain snowstorm from last year, except that yesterday it continued to snow/sleet throughout the day. And this morning we woke up with ice everywhere, including the roads. We truly aren’t prepared for this kind of weather in South Carolina.

Thank goodness that we didn’t lose power and that the roads were clear so that I could at least got to work for a few hours this morning. I could have probably gotten away with not coming in today, but missing a few days of work unexpectedly can really put me in a hole.

Hope that everyone is staying warm, no matter what the weather.