What happened on the blog in February

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It’s been a little while since I did a monthly recap since I was so busy with work the last few months. Here’s the skinny on what happened in February:

Most popular post

This Friday Confessional generated a lot of views last month. I’m thinking y’all got hooked by the pitbull puppies who were looking for foster homes.

Most popular Facebook post

It makes me really happy to see that a Weekly Round-Up post got the most interaction on Facebook last month. I really hope we can use that party to make our blogger community stronger.

Most loved instagram photo

There is no doubt that y’all love my puppy Roscoe as much as I do, and you especially love when he was taking care of his sick mommy last month.

Most pinworthy

It seems that this glassware from last April’s Wino Wednesday received the most love on Pinterest last month.

Most rocking party

The parties have gotten a little quiet since my blogging was less than regular the last few months, but there are a few dedicated bloggers who value a good confession session.