Round-Up! Round 5

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Happy Sunday, everyone!

Sorry that I missed the Round-Up last week. We were still recovering from our dojo’s fall clinic and starting to pack things for my big office move. It looks like we’re going to stay busy until the end of the year, but I’m finding time to sneaking writing and reading blogs in. Here are my favorite reads from last couple weeks.

  1. I love that blogging allows me to get to know women from all different age segments, but it’s always nice to read a piece by someone about the same age as me and in about the same spot in life. Dot in the City would be that girl, and I really related to her list of 30 Something Lessons. Don’t be surprised if you see me post a similar list sometime in the future.
  2. Anyone who has been reading High-Heeled Love for a while knows how much we love our wedding photographer. We were thrilled with our engagement and wedding photos, and one day, we may have the opportunity to do some baby/family sessions with her. It seems like a lot of other people feel the same way because Chi stays pretty busy these days; so it’s a treat when she updates her blog. This engagement session with color powder (think Color Run) is too fun!
  3. I have been reading Katie’s blog Loves of Life since she was pregnant with her first child a few years ago. Now she is the mommy of two beautiful girls, and these thoughts about living up to who her daughter sees her as are quite inspiring. 
  4. Drinking warm water with lemon has popped on to my radar (and blogroll) a few times over the last couple weeks. Since I’m drinking water first thing in the morning as part of my Shakeology challenge anyway, I may give this a shot to see if I notice any differences.
  5. I am dying to try this spice apple cider cocktail from Sugar and Charm. It sounds so yummy, though I may have to sub something for the vodka. I’m not much of a vodka fan.

If you’ve found something here that you enjoy or if you find something that you think I would like, please let me know. Thanks and have a happy Sunday!

image via weheartit