Round-Up! Round 4

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Hi everyone! I hope that you’re having a wonderful weekend. The Mister and I are still enjoying all the goodness of Asheville and Moogfest and seeing good friends, but I still wanted to share my favorite finds this week.

  1. Have you ever heard of a wife-carrying contest? It looks like a lot of fun, but I’m not so sure I’d want to ride upside down on the Mister’s back, especially through the mud pit.
  2. Fit Bottomed Girls is one of my favorite healthy living blogs, and their post this week about the breaking free from the comparison trap were words I needed to hear. I can remember that I used to be really happy with my appearance, and that hasn’t felt that way in a while. It’s time to change that.
  3. It’s always a good thing to have a list of blog ideas to jog us for when we get stuck. Leslie from by the Porchlight thought the same thing and hosted a linky party of nothing but blog ideas. Goodbye, writer’s block.
  4. Who knew that Belle from Beauty and Beast and I had the same taste in books? Check out this fun graphic on Love, The Skinnys.
  5. And for the crafty ones, check out this list ways to upcycle old sweaters by Amy of Rainy Saturday.

If you’ve found something here that you enjoy or if you find something that you think I would like, please let me know. Thanks and have a happy Sunday!

image via weheartit

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