Where does the time go?

Well, hello there, friends!

What an unexpected blogging break. The last time I checked in, I was getting ready to head to Madison….and then I vanished. I don’t even have a good excuse; life is always busy, but I want to catch you up on the last month so that we can get back to the good stuff.

My Coaching Retreat

Let’s start with Wisconsin. Can I just say that the trip was awesome? I went to Wisconsin to participate in a retreat through my coaching where I met my business coach in person for the first time. The retreat was designed to help eight of us to review and identify upgrades to make the last half of the year awesome.


Life Lately | High-Heeled Love

After working with my coach Robb Z. for almost six months, it was exciting to finally meet him face to face. I was a little nervous as well because we clicked so well on the phone. What if we rubbed each the wrong way in person? My fears were quickly put to rest. We were instant besties.

Upgrades for Success

We’ve talked before about my third quarter goals. So what are the upgrades that I’m implementing in my business?

  1. I’m making the move from the front “admin” desk to the executive office in the back room of my office space. The physical move should help me mentally create space in my business for the new employee I intend to hire soon. I’ve started working toward this upgrade by decluttering the new office, and I’ll be ordering a stand-up desk within the next week or so.
  2. It’s time to upgrade my work wardrobe. Dress for the retreat was casual. But those who were sharing the most explosive growth this year, all came dressed as though they were meeting clients. When I pointed this out, one attendee he has a rule in his office: if you’re going to be there for more than 10 minutes, you need to be dressed for business. As of this week, that’s a rule in my office as well.
  3. Finally, it is time to get more on point with my nutrition.  One of my big goals for 2017 is to lose 40 pounds. Like so many people, I start the year with strong movement toward this goal, but then I got complacent. I’ve gained most of the weight back, and I’m currently down only 1.8 pounds from my starting weight. The Mister and I agreed that the key here has to be eating at home, so that’s the plan.

Yarnbombing of Columbia

If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ve already seen a ton of photos from this art installation. I’m so thankful that I get to participate in this project. Nearly 60 people crocheted and knitted pieces to yarnbomb two city blocks downtown. I have four pieces in the art installation.

Life Lately | High-Heeled Love

To see more of the project, head over to the Facebook page Yarnbombing of Columbia.

Happy Birthday Week

As many of you are aware, we believe in birthday weeks at our house, and this week happens to be mine! My birthday was Monday. The Mister and I kicked my 36th birthday week off by heading to Charleston to visit with his uncle and aunt.

Life Lately | High-Heeled Love

After meeting my sister and her boyfriend for an awesome sushi dinner, we saw Villanova and Cowboth Mouth in concert. Villanova is a local band that I’ve been seeing live since they formed 13 years ago.

The best part of my happy birthday week is that our newest nephew was born on Sunday. Y’all meet Hudson Elias! The whole family is absolutely in love with this little guy.

Life Lately | High-Heeled Love

So, I think we’re just about caught up for now. I’d love to hear in the comments from you about the last month. What’s new and exciting? What are your plans for these last couple weeks of summer?

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