Life Update: October 2017

Um, happy November?

Gosh, the time keeps flying by. I feel like I say this every time that I post, but I cannot believe that I let so much time pass without giving y’all an update. I just have to proffer again that life is very busy, and blogging just hasn’t made it to the top of the to-do list lately.

Maybe not the best thing to say since I’d like to talk more in the future about balancing the schedule and life/work harmony, but it is the truth. So, I owe y’all a life update.


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Financial Peace Journey

I guess I’ll start with the topic that I’ve been avoiding blogging about — our financial peace journey. You may have noticed that not only has the blogging been scarce lately, I definitely haven’t written about our financial peace journey.

That’s because we fell off the wagon, or I did. It’s always a little harder to stick with the budget in the summer months, and we definitely relaxed our budget in the months of June, July and August. And then we got into fall, and I’d been too busy to actually sit down and balance the checkbook; the latest entry in the check register is from July. It was so bad that I accidentally overdrew the account once in September. We’re pretty lucky that we had lots of extra income over the last few month because we definitely we’re following a plan.

With the holidays coming, the Mister and I decided that we need to get back on track. We’ve laid out a proper budget for November, and I’m starting the check register fresh rather than trying to catch up. I also plan to get back to actually using our cash envelopes again as an added layer of accountability to the budget.

Work Life

What do I say about work? Quarter 4 is the busiest season of the year for me between Medicare election period and health insurance open enrollment. I also have about 8 groups that renew over the next 60 days.

These last two months are what my business coach and I have been preparing for. I feel pretty good about what my schedule looks like at the moment even if the calendar is starting to get very crowded.

Also, September and October were record-income months for the business, which really validates to me work that I’ve been doing (and money I’ve spent) with my business coach. I am very hopeful that in the next six months, I’ll be at a point where I can hire an assistant, which would be a huge step for me as a business owner.


Jujitsu & Healing Arts

October means clinic for our dojo; we host an annual 3-day clinic with students from all over the country flying in to train. Those of you who have been long-time readers know that a year ago, I tested for my first-degree black belt at our clinic.

This year, I had the opportunity to be the partner (uke) for a friend who was taking her first-degree exam. Fortunately, she passed – she rocked her exam. And it was a good experience to be on the other exam.

Also, I spent a lot of time at the clinic working my massage┬áskills. I think that I worked on no less than eight people. I need to be better about getting on the table to receive massage myself. In fact, it’s one of my quarterly goals to get a massage a week. I’m only at about 50 percent completion so far though.

Another exciting thing is that Emily, a good friend of mine who has recently moved to Columbia, is now training at our dojo. It’s truly been a lot of fun to share in her journey of beginning to learn the art that has become such a big part of my life.

Diet & Health

So, do you remember when I made it a goal for 2017 to lose 40 pounds this year? Yeah, about that…

I realized in September that I wasn’t making any progress toward that goal. I started the year by joining Weight Watchers with my mother-in-law, and I liked it, but when life gets busy, I just don’t keep up with the tracking.

After reading a few books about lower carb lifestyles, I decided to try a 30-day Paleo challenge to see how my body felt on a lower carb, lower sugar diet. I am a carb-lover, y’all, and the first two weeks were hell.

But after that initial withdrawal phase (sugar addiction is real), I was really pleased with how much energy I felt like I had, and I feel leaner, fitter in my skin. And I actually eat breakfast every day now, which is a habit I’ve been trying to establish for years. Now I’m about seven weeks into following a loose Paleo diet. And I could see continuing to eat this way for a foreseeable future.

Also, since the Mister and I are in our busiest seasons at work, I went ahead and subscribed to a trial month of Prep Dish. We’re in our first week of using the Paleo meal plan, but I have to say so far I’m impressed. It is so nice to have a healthy, balanced dinner on the table in 20 minutes. I’ll share more about the service at the end of the month when I’ve had more experience with it.



Social Life

It doesn’t feel like there should be time for a social life lately, given everything else that’s been going on, but the Mister and I did attend weddings for two lovely couples last month.

We also headed out to the State Fair last month. And my friend Emily has been over for dinner once or twice a week.




We celebrated this guy’s third birthday this month. It seems like he’s been a part of our lives forever, but his third Gotcha Day isn’t for another couple weeks. We’re so lucky to have pups with big personalities.


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