Non-Scale Victories: Jujitsu promotion

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Last night, I shared this on my facebook page and thanked my fellow jujitsu friends for the love in their promotional throws.

I shared during my Friday Confessional last week, that my sensei surprised me with a field promotion when we got our jujitsu camp on Wednesday. Getting promoted to brown belt was a goal I had set to complete by my birthday in August. It was a pleasant surprise to meet it a month and a half early.

The Mister & I with Prof. Tom Ball, senior professor in our system

As expected, the other students in our dojo were all too happy to throw me when we got back to class on Wednesday.

In the style we take, there are three stripes on a brown belt before you are eligible to test for black belt. The general understanding in our dojo is that when you earn your brown, you’re about a year away from that exam…so if I work hard, I’m expecting to test for black belt at our Fall Clinic in October next year. Yikes!