National Book Lovers Day: What I’m Currently Reading

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, I may be compensated for purchases made via these links; thank you for your support of this blog.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I may be compensated for purchases made via these links. Thank you for your support of my blog.

I realized early last month that I had not read a single fiction book all year. All my reading has been non-fiction, most were leadership or financial books. There’s certainly nothing wrong with reading for education and growth, but I knew that I needed to add some reading for fun to my bookshelf this summer.

Given that today is National Book Lovers Day, I wanted to share what has been on my reading list lately.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Okay, I mentioned that a couple weeks ago that I’ve been listening to the Harry Potter series on Audible, and I’m currently sympathizing with a very moody 15-year-old boy in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I haven’t read these books since college, and it’s amazing how much detail I had forgotten. I’m hoping to wrap the last few books in the series up before Labor Day. Listening on audio has been a fun way to enjoy the wizarding world while driving and running errands.

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The King’s Curse

I used to love Philippa Gregory’s books, and I’m not really sure why I stopped reading her. I loved her Wideacre Trilogy and The Other Boleyn¬†Girl. I think life just got in the way. Anyway, The King’s Curse is the final book of six in The Cousins’ War series, which following the royal English family during the War of the Roses.


You don’t have to read the entire series to enjoy the book, but I will confess I’m a bit of a historical fiction junkie when it comes to this era. If you aren’t familiar with the history there, the names and titles of the characters might be confusing.

Before the Fall

This book has been mentioned several times on Anne Bogle’s podcast What to Read Next, and it’s a New York Times Bestseller. So when my step-mom handed me Before the Fall¬†by Noah Hawley (creator of the tv show Fargo) and told me I needed to read it, I didn’t hesitate to accept.

I’ve only just started the, but I can tell I’m going to enjoy it. The book tells the story of 11 passengers on a plane from Martha’s Vineyard to New York City, which crashes 16 minutes after the flight takes off. I promise that last sentence didn’t contain spoilers; you’ll get that much from the book jacket.

And since today is National Book Lovers Day, I couldn’t resist sharing this fun Book Lovers Art piece made from upcycled book pages. It would make a fabulous gift for the reader in your life.

I’d love to hear what’s on your reading list this summer. Have discovered any new loves? Do you have a favorite author that I should know about?