Musical Monday: Burning Gold

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The Mister and I don’t have any children, but for me, the new academic calendar seems to a time where I find myself taking stock of life and determining what changes need to be made.

This year, I’ve decided that I want to be a lot more proactive at getting ready for open enrollments at work. I just can’t do another fall of being stressed to the point that I make myself sick.

I’ve also been looking around the house and trying to determine what can be changed or let go of altogether to make life easier. Some of this involves setting some household systems and routines back up that had fallen by the wayside.

And some involves just going for the things that we want. Less planning. Less dreaming. More doing.

I guess I just don’t want another year to close (because the end of 2015 will be here faster than we realize) with me saying “I wish I would have…” again this year.

What about you? Is the start of a new school year a new beginning for your household? And what are you starting, improving or letting go of?

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