Mister’s Choice, Edition 3

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The Mister has been asking me when I would do another round-up post of links that he’s sent me. I think maybe he needs to blog himself. Since his birthday is Friday, I thought we’d humor him and create the third edition of Mister’s Choice – Links I’m Loving Lately.

Links I’m Loving – Mister’s Choice


Source: HORNE

Knowing how much I love coffee, he asked me what I thought about these pretty coffee presses from Erik Magnussen. I love the red one. What color would you choose?


Choco Crossies from G Bakes

Source: G Bakes

I can always tell when the Mister is hungry at work because he sends me links to recipes – like this recipe for Choco Crossies

Veggie Chips recipe from NPR

Source: NPR

And this link to recipes for vegetable chips. We are going to make kale chips this week.

Crock Pot Bread recipe from Bread in 5Source: Bread in 5
And a recipe to cook bread in the crock pot, which is really cool. We will definitely try this soon.

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