March 2015 Goals

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Another thing that fell by the wayside when I got slammed with work in November, December, January were my goals. I should have just had one, survive Open Enrollment. That would get a big fat check mark as complete.

Monthly Goals

So let’s take a look at the last time I wrote up my goals and see where I got.

  • Get a remodel progress report posted. Nope; I promise soon.
  • Complete the #NOEXCUSES 1500 in 30 September challenge and the 30-day push-up challenge. Success!
  • When the weather cools off, start the Couch to 5K program and pick a race for October. Nope.
  • Update my jujitsu notebook before our clinic in October. Nope; I need to get this done if I ever want to test for my next promotion.
  • Have a family meeting with the Mister about that budget. Nope; we’ve talked about it, but still haven’t drafted anything formal.
  • Make a holiday list and schedule and purchase supplies to get started. Sort of; we did get some gifts made, but I purchased quite a few that I didn’t get made.
  • Help the Mister start the fall garden. We planted garlic.
  • Get supplies together at work for the September & October open enrollment mailings. The mailing didn’t happen, but I did reach most of the clients I intended to.

High-Heeled Love: Monthly Goals - March 2015

So I guess I’ve learned that I can’t put too much on my plate or nothing gets done. Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish this month.

  • Write a remodel post and get one recipe up on A Little Seed Grows.
  • Get that budget drafted with the Mister.
  • Update one technique in my jujitsu notebook each day.
  • Start running again and take Roscoe with me.
  • Plan the spring garden with the Mister, shared it on A Little Seed Grows.
  • Stick with working out 3-5 times a week

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