Life Lately – July 2017

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I’m loving…that the Mister has this entire week off work. We’re planning to get our spare bedroom painted this weekend before my best friend and her husband arrive for a 5-day visit.

I’m enjoying….using the 5-Minute Journal as a new tool for gratitude journaling. I’ve heard about this tool on multiple podcasts recently, so I ordered a copy to see if it would better help me establish this habit.

What I like is that I’m starting and ending my day with 5 quick minutes to reflect on the good things and memories; setting an intention as soon as I wake up gives me energy.


I’m watchingPretty Little Liars. I know, I know. It’s a teen drama, but those are a guilty pleasure for me.

Also, a show that doesn’t require too much mental bandwidth is great for when I need to crochet, especially since I need to finish up 3 more yarnbombing pieces before the end of the month.



I’m eating…it’s tomato season so we’re all over this one-pot pasta recipe. It’s a quick and delicious recipe that is great when tomatoes are in season. I’ve been adding extras like spinach or mushrooms to really amp up the veggie intake.

I’m reading…for pleasure – Three Sisters, Three Queens by Phillippa Gregory. Her Plantangenet and Tudor novels are just so good, and I’m determined to be caught up before the next book releases next month.

For personal improvement and business, I’ve just finished up Essentialism by Gregory McKeown this morning; I knew within two chapters of checking it out from the library that needed a copy for my home library. I anticipate many re-reads of this book. Tomorrow, I start The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins, which she discussed recently on the EntreLeadership podcast.



I’m wondering…how in the world to knock out my to-do list at work when I only plan to be in the office 2 days. Focusing on the priority will be key to still move toward my goals.

I’m listening…still hooked on the Art of Charm podcast. I can see why this podcast has run for more than 10 years; Jordan is a great interviewer, and his guests are fascinating. [See my other podcast recommendations for growing leadership skills.]

I’m planning…another trip later this month. This time I’m headed to Wisconsin for a retreat weekend as part of my business coaching. If any of you are in Milwaukee or Madison, let’s plan a meet-up.