Let’s Get Moving!

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Yesterday, I was procrastinating catching up on some social networking and chatting with Janna, when I realized that none of my friends (myself included) on Daily Mile had posted a workout in three days. That’s not good.

We all know that summer is coming. And what I’m reading on the blogs I follow is that most of us are trying get a bit more in shape, lose a few pounds, etc. The thing is, if we’re not in the habit of working out consistently, it’s hard to build the habit with our busy schedules.

So I’ve created the Spring Movement Challenge. It’s pretty simple. You join Daily Mile. You and I become friends. You join the challenge.And then you log 10 miles each week in May.

It doesn’t matter if you walk, run, bike, swim, whatever. Just get moving!

Some of the blogs I read are athletes….they log 5-10  or more miles a day. This challenge isn’t for them. This is a challenge for those of us who need a little push to workout regularly. We have five participants so far.

You’ll notice that the challenge is actually set up to see who logs the most miles in May. At the end of the month, I’m going to do a drawing for a goodie box amongst everyone who met their 10 miles per week. One entry per mile logged.

A couple quick notes. It’s an invite-only challenge….so you and I will need to be friends on the site in order for me to invite you. Daily Mile tracks the weeks Monday through Sunday. Technically our first week begins May 2, but any miles you log between now and then will count as entries for the goodie box.

So who’s with me? Let’s get moving!