July Goals and Habits

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July & Third Quarter Goals

It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through the year. I wrapped up my work week with a coaching call to review progress on my goals and to set new third quarter and July goals. But before we move into this month’s goals, let’s take a quick look back at my June goals and habits.

June Goals Recap

GOAL: Review client files and updating my CRM to identify cross-sell opportunities – complete 100% of files in my first file cabinet.

RESULT: FAIL – This goal was entirely too ambitious for me. I have re-structured it for July because getting these files reviewed is integral for hitting my keystone goal.

GOAL: Spend at least 2 hours each week contacting identified cross-sales to set sales appointments.

RESULT: SUCCESS – Quite a few of my prospects didn’t work out (or they’ll take longer to close than anticipated), but I did set aside the time and did the work.

GOAL: Write and deliver my article about winning an exam scholarship last year for our jujitsu organization’s digital magazine.

RESULT: PARTIAL SUCCESS – The article is written; I just need to complete my revisions and get it emailed to the editor.

GOAL: During my weekly planning meeting, identify at least 2 hours each week to work on inventory for my Etsy shop.

RESULT: PARTIAL SUCCESS – I’ve identified more time for crochet, and I did get two new items listed. [Check them out HERE and HERE].  But, I also realized that I need to finish my yarn bombing pieces since the installation is at the end of July so that became the main focus for the remainder of the month.

GOAL: Earn at least $250 in side hustle income to pay toward debt.

RESULT: SUCCESS – You can see in our June Financial Peace Update that we blew this goal way out of the water.

July Goals

  • Schedule a minimum of 2 hours each week to contact cross-sale prospects.
  • Pay off our personal bank loan and close the account.
  • Complete and install my yarn bomb assignments.
  • Complete writing the budget for the 2018 leadership course (through my professional association) and send to the state board for approval.
  • Earn at least $250 in side hustle income.
  • Plan and go on a hike for our July date.


What are y’all working on this month? #goals #motivation #dontgiveup #staymotivated #beingthebossrocks #beawesometoday

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July Habits and Intentions

In June, I decided to work on establishing the habit of daily meditation and writing in my journal. Looking back at the month in my Commit 30 planner, I’m a little disappointed to find that I completed these activities on 11 of the 30 days.

As I mentioned last month, both of these are habits that many successful leaders employ, and I am determined to make each habit a part of my daily routine.

So I’m renewing my intention this month – meditation practice and writing in my journal.  In case you’re curious, I use the Calm application on my iPhone for daily meditation prompts, and I’m using The Five Minute Journal for my daily gratitude journal.

Long-Term Goal Recap

Since my first set of long-term (90-day goals) would be due August 1, not all of these will be complete. However, my coach and I decided that I should set new goals for Quarter 3. Here was my progress to-date on these goals:

  • Keystone: Sell at least 12 new policies from identified cross-sells. – I was on track to complete this goal with 8/12 sales closed.
  • Review and update clients for two file cabinets; identify cross-sell opportunities. – This would not be completed since I had not completed the first cabinet in June.
  • Plan a trip for the Mister’s birthday – Completed.
  • With my sensei’s permission, begin working on techniques needed for my next jujitsu promotion; write out 100% of new techniques in my notebook. – Partial completion; I’ve started learning the techniques, but I’m not a point where I know them well enough to have them written out.
  • Pay off Mastercard balance and close the account. – Complete
Third Quarter Goals

For me, using the third quarter of the year to get organized for the upcoming enrollment seasons is probably the smartest move I can make for my sanity this year. Here are my quarter 3 goals, due October 1:

  • Keystone: Close 12 sales through new customers and cross-sale prospects.
  • Contact 100% of Medicare clients to schedule reviews during the Annual Election period.
  • Complete 30 minutes of reviewing client files each work day as the first priority on my Daily Big 6  To-Do List.
  • Pay our Wells Fargo loan down to a balance of less than $5000.
  • Write out at least 5 techniques needed for my next jujitsu promotion.

As you can see, I have big goals for July and quarter 3, but I also feel good about my plan. What are you working toward this month? Now that we’re at the year’s halfway point, how are you doing on your 2017 goals?

What are you working toward this month? Now that we’re at the year’s halfway point, how are you doing on your 2017 goals?

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