Happy List 8.21.12

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1. At the tip-top of my HAPPY list this week is great friends. We had an awesome time for my birthday dinner on Saturday, and that completely because my friends are awesome. There aren’t picture to share; we were having too much fun to stop and take pictures.

2. I am too HAPPY about road tripping up to Michigan next month to see family. I’m really hoping there is some fall weather so that I can wear long sleeves and jackets. The weather here in SC has been cool for August, but it is still so darn humid.

3. Being sore in a good way after a workout makes me HAPPY. Last week I overdid it a little bit and had to have my sensei work on my arm. That taught me a good lesson about slowing down a little, but most of the time, I wake up the next morning with those sore muscles that mean I’ve had a really good class in jujitsu the night before. Today is one of those days.

4. Spending a morning with a cup of coffee and Pinterest is a HAPPY way to start the day. On Sunday, the Mister was kind enough to cook breakfast and make coffee and let me just pin to my heart’s delight.  My boards are now all organized, and I have picked a few projects to start within the next few weeks. If you’d like to follow along on Pinterest, you can do so HERE.

5. Gamecock football starts next week! I can’t tell you how HAPPY and excited I am!

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