Happy List 3.13.12

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Hey y’all!

I hope everyone’s week has been fabulous so far. I spent my morning in continuing education so during some of the talks, I had time to brainstorm on what’s making me happy this week. Here’s what’s on my Happy List today:

  1. The battery for my laptop came in yesterday. No more sharing the Mister’s computer (not that I’m not grateful for his generosity).
  2. Things have been going well at work lately, and we got the preliminary tax numbers back from the accountant. It looks like I may be getting a new computer. I’ve been lusting after a shiny new MacBook Pro for a long, long time.
  3. I had a really good phone conversation with an old friend of my mom’s yesterday. Sometimes life gets in the way, and it’s too easy to let the years slip away without reaching out.
  4. I have a weekend of pampering time schedule this weekend since the Mister will be busy at a martial arts convention. I see a cocktail party with the ladies, a bubble bath, pedicure and girly tv time in my near future.
  5. And on the note of martial arts, my jujitsu training has been rocking lately. A couple months ago, I was telling the Mister how frustrated I was with Nage (throwing techniques), and I’m proud to say that I feel like I’m starting to get the concepts a little. My sore muscles are proof that I’m getting a good workout in. I love feeling fit, strong and trim.
  6. Hello, Springtime! We’ve had the windows open for the last week, and this morning I notice our dogwood tree is blooming.

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