Happy List 12.13.11

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Hello lovelies!

So far it’s been a great week. It’s amazing how much more relaxed I am when my work level cools off a little. Today is Tuesday, so it’s time time recount all the things that are making me smile.

1. Last week, I actually got out of the office for lunch for the first time in a couple months. It was wonderful, and sushi makes my belly HAPPY.

2. The Mister and I went to a wonderful Christmas party at our neighbors’ house over the weekend. We had a great time making new friends is a great reason to be HAPPY.

3. I went down to Verizon today because I’m due for an upgrade on my phone. I’m so HAPPY that a shiny new iPhone is shipping to me this week. My Droid has been driving me crazy these past few week. Merry Christmas to me!

4. Only eight working days until Christmas. If I don’t think about the piles of work in my office, I’m HAPPY about that. If I do think that about the piles of work in my office, then I’m HAPPY that my company has plenty of business.

5. Christmas cards make me HAPPY. They’ve started rolling in, both at home and at work. It’s so fun to receive real mail that isn’t bills. And we’re almost halfway done with addressing/sending ours.

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