Happy List 10.11.11

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Since it’s been a while since I’ve shared a Happy List, today seemed like a good day to do it. If you didn’t catch the memo, Mamarazzi‘s Happy List is now hosted on Tuesdays rather than the weekend. So this is what’s making me smile this week.

I’m so HAPPY that my training at the dojo is going so well. I’ve been training for just over a month now, and I’m really feeling a physical difference in my body. I feel stronger, and according to my belt, I’m a little thinner too. Two new white belts have started in the last week, and it’s really cool to have someone else at my skill level to work with.

It’s hard to believe our last trip to Asheville was in 2008.

I’m HAPPY that the Mister and I will be heading to Asheville later this month for a music festival. We were both bummed when our Labor Day trip was rained out, and a little patience now gives us a whole weekend in one of my favorite cities.

Photo credit: Chi Photography

I’m so HAPPY and thankful for this man. Yesterday, we heard that a couple we’re friends with is seriously discussing divorce. Sad news like that always makes me appreciate my marriage. It’s not always easy, but I’m so glad that we have each other.

I’m ridiculously want to jump up and dance HAPPY that we’ll get to celebrate at two weddings this weekend. This happy couple is getting married on Friday.

Aren’t they so stinkin’ cute?

And then on Saturday, we’ll get to see these friends tie the knot (and watch football with them. My kind of people.)

Both photos above borrowed from the brides’ FB pages.
Finally, I’m HAPPY to be back to blogging. I miss you guys!

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