Happy List 10.10.10

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It’s time for Mamarazzi’s weekly happy list. I hope that you’ll make a list of the things that are making you happy this week and join in. If  you do, be sure to click on the button to link up. Here’s what is making me smile this week.

1.  We’ve had a busy weekend. This includes a bachelorette party for me on Friday night while the Mister went bowling with his co-workers, my high school reunion on Saturday and a wedding today. It’s been a lot of fun to spend time with friends.

2. I took a mental health afternoon from work on Monday. I was starting feel a little rundown and left work early…a three hour nap was glorious. And I’ve been feeling much better.

3. My skin has finally clear up (knock on wood). This summer I’ve had some of the worst break-outs in my life, but right now, it’s clear and pretty. Hopefully that will continue through Em’s wedding next weekend.

4. Speaking of Em’s wedding, that means that Kate will be in town for the weekend. Cannot wait to see her again!

5. After letting it sit in the mailer envelope for more than 5 years, I finally got my college diploma framed for my office. It’s very distinguished looking, see? =)

Hope that all of you have had a fabulous weekend so far! Happy Sunday!