Happy List 1.8.13

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.


Hi Friends! Happy Tuesday! What’s on your Happy List this week?

1. Being back to a normal schedule makes me HAPPY. I love vacation and having guests, and then there’s that space where you get back to just having your home back. The Mister and I spent most of Saturday cleaning up the house and re-organizing. Sleeping in as late as I’d like because I didn’t have anyone to meet or anything to do was fabulous!

The Mister treated me to brunch on Saturday at his favorite coffee house.

2. Sunny weather makes me HAPPY. Last week, it was rainy and gray almost every day, but the sun is shining this week. Now if we could just get the temp to inch up a notch or two.

3. Getting back to jujitsu again yesterday was wonderful. Our dojo was officially closed for two weeks over the holidays while our sensei has knee and elbow surgery. Though there was an informal class last week when a couple of the black belts opened the school for an evening, I am HAPPY to be back to regular training.

4. Setting a craft table up makes me incredibly HAPPY. I was thinking over the weekend of how I used to create things and write and draw a lot when I was younger. I realized that the only reason I’m not doing those things these days is back I haven’t made time or space to do them. So I asked the Mister to bring a couple card tables in from the shed. I happily went through my supplies and re-started an old project while the Mister organized his seed supplies to start getting ready for the garden.

5. Having a good friend over to our house for dinner and a movie on Friday was a HAPPY way to spend an evening. We had a simple dinner of pizza and salad with wine (of course) and watched Brick. Have you seen it? I think I’ll have to re-watch to get a handle on all of the dialogue.

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