Happy Birthday to My Mister

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 That’s the Mister in the middle; he’s lucky his face didn’t freeze like that.

Yesterday was the Mister’s birthday. He turned 35! He celebrated with friends over the weekend by meeting at the Flying Saucer for beers.

Last year, we celebrated his birthday at Ohana in Seattle.
Yesterday, his mother took us out for sushi. Afterward we met some family members at her place to have birthday cake–yellow cake with orange fudge frosting–and presents.
I splurged on the Mister this year. Over the weekend, I upgraded our phones to the Motorola Droid. Verizon was having a BOGO Father’s Day sale. I also got him season five of Lost on blu-ray and some of his favorite shaving cream from C.O. Bigelow.

I also emailed him this photo of a praying mantis, who visited me on the work steps. The Mister has a tattoo of a praying mantis, so I was sure that he was hanging out to say “Happy Birthday.”

I’d say he’s a pretty spoiled hubby, but I can’t help it. I love the man.