Money Monday: 4 Grocery Apps to Save You Money

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, I may be compensated for purchases made via these links; thank you for your support of this blog.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate and referral links. I may be compensated for sales made via these links; thank you for your support of my blog.

Even before we started our Financial Peace Journey, I had started working on ways to spend less money in areas that were discretionary, and one of the first areas that I looked at was our grocery spending.

After getting us on a regular meal plan and alway shopping with a grocery list, I took a course to learn how to do coupon and shop the sales. Within the last year, I’ve also started using several grocery apps to pair cashback with my grocery purchases.

Taking a hard look at your food budget is a great way to get started in finding money in your budget, and lately, there are many more technology options to beef up your grocery savings. If you’re looking for more ways to slash your grocery budget, be sure to download these apps to your iPhone:


With Ibotta, you can earn rewards on your grocery and retail purchases that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. Work with friends to get additional teamwork bonuses.

Checkout 51 

Checkout 51 works similarly to Ibotta, but you can use the app with any store’s receipts. Every $20 you earn, they mail you a check. You can join even if you don’t have a smartphone.


The cool thing about Mobisave is they deposit savings to your Paypal as soon as the receipt is approved. No need to hit a minimum threshold to cash out. 


You can connect some store loyalty cards in the SavingStar app so that you don’t have to upload receipts. There are some large value savings for spending a specific amount with certain brands.

    Are there other grocery apps that you love? Share them with me in the comments.