Girls’ Weekend: NYC (Part 3)

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On Friday afternoon, we went shopping. I don’t have photos to show you from shopping, but let’s just say we spent a lot of money and went on  search for a very elusive MAC Pro store.
That evening, we all had dinner Katz Deli, which is where Meg Ryan’s infamous orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally was filmed. (On a side note, I’ve never actually seen that movie. I’ve seen that scene, but not the movie. We determined during the trip that I haven’t seen most of the famous New York City movies.)
After dinner, we went to the Empire State Building to see the city from the observation deck. Tip, go at night. I’m sure the view is amazing during the day, but at night it’s breath-taking.

By the way, I’ve mentioned before that we stayed very close to Madison Square Garden, so we walked back to the hotel from the Empire State Building. It was CRAZY through there because Lady Gaga played at Madison Square Garden that evening.
The next morning we visited the Modern Museum of Art before heading off for more shopping.

The was probably my favorite exhibit: Wish Tree by Yoko Ono
After a long day of shopping, we ladies took the subway down to SoHo to walk around. We wound up having dinner at Fanelli’s Cafe, which is apparently the 2nd oldest restaurant in New York City. It’s been open since1847. We didn’t know that when we decided to eat there; we were just hungry.
A really cool thing happened while we were there; we saw Willie Garson, who plays Stanford Blatch in Sex and the City. He was kind of enough to take a photo with me and chat for a few minutes.
After dinner, we finished our sightseeing up by finding Carrie’s apartment. I would have loved to get a photo of us girls sitting on the steps, but the building is privately owned, and they had the steps roped off.
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