Friday Confessions 6.17.11

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Before we get started with confessions, I need to say a big thank you to Joanna at Dance and Dream 4 Ever for a fabulous pair of flip flops. I’ve been meaning all week to get a post up about the cute flippies she sent me, but I haven’t found time to take some decent photos.

In light of that, I’m going to share my blurry photo taken on the way home from dinner and birthday drinks last week. They are super comfy, and I love the little blingy starfish on the strap.

Thank you, Joanna! And thanks to Lyryn at Breaking Through for hosting the swap.


I confess…

I don’t do yardwork. The most help the Mister gets in the garden is me picking things to eat, and that’s not work. But it sure is fun. Yesterday, all I wanted was a handful of tomatoes from the garden so that’s what I got.

They were as yummy as they look.

 I confess…

The Mister has a birthday next week. Even though I ordered his gifts a couple weeks ago, I’m concerned that they won’t be here in time for his birthday. I’ll look like such a bad wife!

One of the gifts was purchased via Amazon. (My dad’s Father’s Day gift is in this package, too. That’s going to be late as well.) Amazon is building a South Carolina distribution center that will be literally just a few minutes from my house. Wouldn’t it be great if I could just place my orders and then drive down there and pick them up?

I confess…

I cannot believe the last Harry Potter movie is releasing next month. It’s the end of an era! I’m going to re-watching and re-reading the books in preparation for July 15.

I confess…

I have a few networking events for work that I’ll be attending next week. One of them is an ice cream social. What a great idea is that? I really love my job sometimes =)

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