Friday Confessions 6.15.12

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Mamarazzi is taking a little bloggy break to enjoy some summer fun with her family, but that’s no reason for the rest of us to skip our favorite linky parties. If you want to play along, grab the button, spill your dirt and link up below. Then be sure to go visit other the links and swing by Mamarazzi’s blog to tell her how much you miss her.


I confess…
The Mister may have sent me this e-card this week:

Do you think that he’s trying to tell me something?

I confess…

I tried to paint my nails this week because I was going to participate in one of the manicure link parties. The thing about nail polish is, no matter how much I want to have pretty home manicures and pedicures, I just don’t have the hand-eye coordination for it. I generally wind up looking like I was finger painting. I guess that’s a good thing for my nail salon.

And while we’re at the beauty confessions, would someone please recommend an eye primer that will stand up to South Carolina’s summer heat and humidity? I used to use Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray, but for the last six months, no matter what I try, my eye make-up creases within a few hours.

I confess…

I switched to a new female doctor this week. One of things I really like about her is that she comes into chat about why you’re here before she gets down to business. That’s kind of nice because trying to talk your OB-G while she’s doing her business in your lady business is a little bit like trying to talk to your dentist while she’s got her hands in your mouth. (And by the way, my dentist whom I also really like always waits until she’s scraping some molar or whatever in the back of my mouth to ask me what’s going on in my life.)

Anyway, the doctor got super-excited because she thought the reason for my visit was to talk to her about “having a baby!” Her face was supremely crestfallen when I told her the reason for the visit was to change birth control to “not have a baby.”

I confess…

I really want a motorcycle. Did you guys know that I grew up a Harley girl? My Dad’s had a motorcycle since he was a teenager, and my brothers and sister and I grew up riding on the back of  his bike. I tried to get him to sell me the motorcycle he’s had since I was a kid, but instead he trailered it out west last summer and gave it to my brother…grrr.

This pretty baby was in the work parking lot this morning.

I know it doesn’t make sense to try to buy one right now while I’m in the process of buying the company and we still owe on both our cars, but I’m seeing pretty Harleys on the road all the time now that the weather is nice, and I REALLY want one

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