Friday Confessions 6.10.11

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Confession is good for the soul.

I confess…

That it feels like forever since I’ve written a confessions post. Between work and my home internet going down because a storm last week, I haven’t had much room for blog posts. It makes me kind of sad because confessions is one of my favorite posts to write.

Speaking of work, I have a big announcement to make. I thought I was going to share this in January, but it took a lot longer for us to finalize the paperwork…I didn’t want to share until the signatures were dry. I have officially been promoted to co-owner at my business! My boss is retiring next year, and in January I began buying him out of the agency.

This will mean less time for blogging and fun, but it’s an investment that will mean a great future for me and the Mister.

I confess…

Even though I’ve been working more hours than I ever have before, working until almost 9 p.m. on Tuesday was no bueno. I was so exhausted when I got home. And surprisingly, that was the only day this week that I cooked dinner. Gotta love breakfast for dinner.

I confess…

I confess that I did go buy that Loft dress I blogged about last week.

My baby brother graduating from high school last week made me feel old. Never mind, that the Mister and I also had two nieces graduate high school the same week. I married into them, so I haven’t known them since they were in diapers.

Both photos lovingly borrowed from family FB pages

However, the fact that one of these nieces is now married and the other just got engaged is kind of crazy. I’m not old enough to have married nieces and nephews.

I confess…

I had to laugh at the Mister the other day. He dug himself into a hole. I was getting changed for work, and the conversation went something like this:

Mister: Your butt has changed since we started dating.
Me: What do you mean?
Mister: It…um…has just changed shape a little bit. I still like it.
Me: I don’t think I understand. How has it changed?
Mister: Um…I don’t think I should have said that.
Me: Yeah, I don’t think so.

With a little more pressing, he finally admitted he thought my bottom was a little wider and a little rounder than it was six years ago. I’d act mad at him, but it’s true. I’m about 40 pounds heavier than I was when we first met.

Anybody want to laugh with me? Usually, the Mister is pretty good at not putting his foot in his mouth. Silly men!

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