Eliminate the Someday List

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I had never heard of a someday list before listening to Darren’s ProBlogger podcast this week, but once I understood the concept, I realized mine is quite long. Someday list is a collection of tasks that you know you need to do but keep¬†putting it off until “someday.”

For Darren, it was starting the podcast. He wanted to start one and knew it would grow his business, but he put it off for years because the task seemed a little too big and a little too scary.

If you get my weekly newsletter, then you know that I’m working on writing my list out so that I can start getting those tasks done. In fact, sending regular newsletter updates is at the top of the list. Here’s is what I’ve identified so far:


Promote and grow High-Heeled Love newsletter
Update my blog  media kit
Transition the blog to WordPress
Start using Facebook Live or Youtube Live
Create a content calendar for both blogs
Reviewing and updating blog posts for SEO


Start a monthly client newsletter
Go through files and update profiles
Identify cross-sale opportunities
Start sending birthday and holiday cards
Develop referral asking and tracking system


Have a weekly 2-hour planning session
Establish daily yoga practice
Start journalling habit
Read Bible daily
Eliminate remaining debt

As you can see some of my someday list items are big goals that will have to be broken down into baby steps. Some are better habits and best practices that I’ve either never established or need to re-establish.

What I do know is that 2017 is the year to get this stuff done so that life and business can be more successful than ever before.

What’s on your Someday List? Pop over to the Facebook page and share with me. Let’s not let someday stand in the way of today’s progress.


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