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Mister’s choice

It’s a Birthday Day!

Today is my Mister’s birthday. This is the eleventh birthday that we’ve celebrated together. All of his thirties and on into his forties. I love this man more every day. The Mister has declared this song from Genesis Live Over Europe to be his birthday […]

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Hey Girl…It’s a party!

I spent the better part of my Friday evening reading through all the hilarious posts in the Hey Girl Valentine’s Party. And then I went through the last eight years’ worth of photos to make my own. And I present to you the Hey Girls […]

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Friday Confessions 8.24.12

I don’t have a whole lot to confess this morning…mostly, I’m preoccupied with football starting next week and our trip to Michigan. So I thought I’d share some of the things that the Mister has shared with me on Facebook. He says they make him […]

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