Catch Up

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Sorry for the brief bloggy absence this week. Life got ahold of me this week. I only have few minutes before I have to step out for a breakfast meeting, but I thought I’d give you a quick update.

1. This weekend, I went to a jewelry show featuring hand-made treats by Danielle from Secrets of a Sweet Southern Girl. She makes some beautiful pieces and takes custom orders. You should totally check out her etsy shop, Wired Essentials.

2. I headed up to Clemson to harass my best guy friend Rob for his 30th birthday. We had a good time going out for wings and milkshakes and watching football.

3. On Monday morning, I was in a car accident on the way to work. Thankfully, neither the other driver or I was injured, however, my poor Prius is not looking good. I’m waiting to hear whether she can be repaired or if I’ll be car shopping this weekend.

4. I got a really good laugh yesterday when the rental car company put me in a Dodge Grand Caravan. Apparently all they had on the lot was a minivan, so I’m having a ball poking fun at my new soccer mom status. They are going to try to swap me out to a car today.

5. The weather is officially changing to crisp, cool fall weather. That is awesome, but it also brings with it a fantastic head cold. I’m over the sinus pressure, sneezing and runny nose.

So that’s my week so far. What’s going on in yours?