BarkBox Review & Pit Bull Blues

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Have y’all heard of BarkBox?

It’s a subscription box that’s geared toward your four-legged friends. Each month, the box contains an assortment of toys, treats and other pup-related gadgets, based on your dog’s size.

We received an invitation from a friend a couple months ago, and the pups have thoroughly been enjoying them. Roscoe has been hoarding the toys each month, though a few of them just haven’t stood up the puppy teething and chewing.

BarkBox Review & Pit Bull Blues [Product Review at High-Heeled Love]
BarkBox Review & Pit Bull Blues [Product Review at High-Heeled Love]

Paige doesn’t really play with toys, but she likes all the new treats. And we’re pretty picky about food and treats for our pups, so the Mister and I appreciate that the treats have been all natural.

BarkBox Review & Pit Bull Blues [Product Review at High-Heeled Love]

BarkBox Review & Pit Bull Blues [Product Review at High-Heeled Love]

Each box comes with a card that gives you plenty of details about each item so that you can purchase them again at your local pet store or re-order them through the BarkBox site. (Bonus: it’s also an Ebates store.)

I also appreciated that I had the option to purchase 3, 6 or 12 months (with a little bit of a price break), rather than just having a monthly credit card charge.

Don’t you want to try it for your pup? If you use my referral link, your dog will get a free month added to your subscription, and my sweet pups will also earn an extra month.

BarkBox Review & Pit Bull Blues [Product Review at High-Heeled Love]

And since we’re talking about pets…

We had a rough spot with Roscoe over the weekend. He’s only 10 months old, which means that there is a still lot of training to do with him, especially in the way of socializing.

He definitely doesn’t know how to handle new dogs approaching him. Over the weekend, we took him to a cookout where we knew that other dogs would be there. However, he was the only one on a leash…and he was not friendly to the other dogs at all.

The evening ended when the neighbor’s dog ran over to get some rib bones and got in Roscoe’s face. While it definitely didn’t get as serious as it could have, Roscoe nipped him and bit the tip of his ear off.

BarkBox Review & Pit Bull Blues [Product Review at High-Heeled Love]

We decided then that it was time to take him home; there were children there, and frankly a lot of the other adults started doing the sidelong look that we get with our pitbull puppy.

It was upsetting; I hate when people decide to judge him based on his breed, without making any effort to know my dog individually. And it’s hard right now because the only way he’ll get socialized is for us to keep trying to introduce him to other dogs…however, that requires a commitment from other dog owner, too.

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