Anniversary Message

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 Yesterday we received two anniversary cards. One from my awesome brother and SIL and one from my awesome MIL. In her card was a special poem, written just for us. It was too fun not to share.

The First Anniversary

now that was the day…
David and Aubrey promised
to honor and obey.

Plans went smoothly, Isle of Palms was the site.
The day of their nuptials was sunny and bright.
Aubrey looked so pretty. David was handsome and debonair.
The flowers and church were like a breath of spring air.

Parents and visitors were all seated.
The wedding party looked stunning.
Pastor Trump then began;
Kaitlyn’s readings were perfect,
Next the exchange of wedding bands.

The Kiss then followed
Now married were they
There are countless picture and memories
to remember the special day.

The reception and meal,
wedding cakes and gifts
put the final touch
on their wonderful “day of bliss.”

It’s now been one year.
They have gone through each season.
It takes hard work and love
to keep on pleasing.

Never stop loving and respecting
and continue to pray.
And don’t forget…
you promised to make me a grandmother one day!