Week of Celebration

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Boy, my family sure has a lot to be happy about during the month of June. And this is a week of celebration for us. Yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day and my stepmom’s birthday.

Today we’re wishing my brother and my sister-in-law Mireya much love on their two-year wedding anniversary.

Steele and Mireya heading to Maui this spring for a long-awaited honeymoon. Who else is envious? One of these days, we’ll make it out to the islands of Hawaii.

It thought it was really cool that for their actual anniversary, they met up with their wedding photographer for an anniversary photo shoot. I love how crazy attractive and in love they are.

Anniversary shoot. Photo credit: Jenny Jiminez

Photo credit: Jenny Jiminez

And since we’re loving on the happy couple today, here’s a gorgeous shot of them at our wedding last year.
Wedding Details at High-HeeledLove.comPhoto credit: Chi Photography

I sure wish that we were in Washington to celebrate with them. Be sure to head over to Mireya’s blog pearls & such and leave her some love.

We’ll continue the week with the Mister’s birthday, but for today, I’m going to send text messages to my brother and Mireya, wishing them a very happy day.

Share your happy times with me in the comments. Do you have birthdays, holidays or anniversaries to celebrate? What about everyday occasions for celebration?