Wino Wednesday 8.13.14

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Hello, fellow winos!

Welcome to Wino Wednesday! This is a monthly linky party that I co-host with Danielle from The Crafty Wino where we discuss any and all things wine-related. Let me cover the ground rules for the party:

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  3. Make some new friends over a glass of vino.
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Easy peezy. Now on to the wine.

We’ve been drinking quite a bit of Bota Box‘s Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s the equivalent of three bottles in a bottle with a seal so it doesn’t go bad. And since we’re trying to eat out less, we pretty much always have wine in the house to go with dinner.

My favorite thing is that they also replied to me on Instagram a couple weeks ago. I like a brand that tries to stay connected with their consumers.

Speaking of Instagram, I decided to start using the hashtag #itswineoclocksomewhere on my winograms. All the cool kids are doing it.

We’ve had some crazy thunderstorms this past month; so I’m thinking this FB post fits. There is a little better when it’s raining than curling up under a blanket with a good book and a tasty beverage. (Wine or coffee depending on what time of day it is.)

And what would Wino Wednesday be without me sharing my favorite wine-related pin? I really think my pup needs one of these beds. Who wants to make one for me? I can’t see shelling out nearly $400 at this time, but I’ll totally try to DIY it.

Also, I NEED this as a Wino Wednesday Happy Birthday gift…any takers?

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