Weekend visits

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This weekend, the Mister and I drove down to Sumter, S.C. to visit his grandmother, Mama. She is 92 years old and sharp as a tack mentally. We both love her very much.

My grandmother on the left and Mama on the right. 
Photo at our wedding taken by my SIL Mireya.

Right after our wedding, Mama had a slight scare that involved a hospital stay. The whole family was concerned, but she’s a tough cookie and is now home. Though her doctors will not longer let her drive anymore, and for now, she has to stay at home because she gets dizzy if she rides in the car. So we’ll be heading to Sumter, a lot, I think.

It’s always a delight to visit with her and listen to stories of her growing up. During the Depression, there were 14 people in her family. She’s told us about sneaking cigarettes from her brothers’ rooms as a teenager and being a nurse in the Sumter Hospital before she had a family of her own.

This weekend, she told us several stories of her Uncle Myrr, who lived to be 105. Mama is aiming to outlive him, so hopefully, we’ll have plenty of stories in the future to tell about our visits with her.