Virtual Coffee 3.18.15

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Good morning, friends!

High-Heeled Love: Virtual Coffee 3.18.15

Wednesdays start early for me, but I have a few minutes to sit with you for coffee before I have to head out for my breakfast meeting.

Since  I had the foresight to lay my clothes out last night, I actually had a few extra minutes to focus on my make up this morning. It really is the simple things that make our mornings easier, huh?

High-Heeled Love: #YSL Mascara

Anyway, I received a free YSL mascara from Influenster last week, and I wanted to try it out since what girl isn’t on the hunt for a new favorite mascara? I was a little inspired by the gold packaging to pull out some liquid gold shadow and liner. I’m pretty happy with the results.

High-Heeled Love: #YSL Mascara MOTD

The mascara wasn’t clumpy, and it gives lots of volume without making me look too done up for work. Here’s a little mascara application tip: bend over a hand mirror so you’re applying from an “upside down” perspective. The change in angle will help you get every lash, even the tiny ones in your inner corners.

High-Heeled Love: Virtual Coffee 3.18.15

Is everyone else enjoying these spring mornings as much as we are? We’re soaking them, and spending a lot of time in the sunshine, which is necessary because tomorrow is going to be cold and rainy.

Fortunately, the weather should perk back up a little for the weekend, which is good because the Mister and I want to get some yard work and garden prep done. He wants to start some seeds and keeps asking me what I want to grow in the garden. I’m thinking tomorrows, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, spaghetti squash and lots of herbs. I also want strawberries and blueberry bushes.

Would you add anything to my list? You can keep up with our garden progress on our other blog, A Little Seed Grows.

Well, y’all. The alarm that tells me to leave for my breakfast meeting just went off. So I guess I gotta run. Hope you enjoyed our little coffee date. Catch up soon.