Thursday afternoon coffee break

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Could I trouble you for a mid-afternoon coffee break? Actually, it may be more of a whine session, but I’m still at work so I can’t actually have a glass of wine.

Pups and Coffee [Virtual Coffee at High-Heeled Love]

It’s kind of been one of those days so far. You know the kind. It started last night actually. We had horrific thunderstorms all night long. I actually like thunderstorms, but my dogs don’t.

Paige is terribly afraid of rain and thunder, so she was under the bed, pawing at things and trying to climb into my bedside table throughout the night. And now Roscoe is learning to be afraid of thunder from her. Let’s just say, that I don’t function very well on less than seven hours of sleep.

Sleep Patter [Virtual Coffee at High-Heeled Love]

And those stupid storms. When I got to the office, I found no less than four leaks in the building. One of which was on top of an untreated desk in the back. My landlord will be claiming on his business policy, so it may be a week or so before things get fixed. I am thankful that the water somehow missed all the paper and the computer on that desk.

Speaking of my landlord, I chatted with him because there are two apartments next door to my office, and the police have been out to the bottom unit at least four times in the last week. Obviously, that’s not the image I need for my business.

While he was over here this afternoon, he recognized the repair man for the units and spoke to him about it. The reason for the police, the bottom unit is empty, but the previous tenant’s ex-boyfriend has been squatting there without a lease or paying rent. And he’s dealing drugs from the building. They haven’t actually been able to catch him there to have him arrested for trespassing and/or drug dealing.

I can’t even!

So that’s enough whining. Let’s focus on some good.

#jujitsugirlproblems [Virtual Coffee at High-Heeled Love]

I am feeling really confident in myself in jujitsu lately, and I guess it’s starting to show because other students and instructors have been telling me. It’s really encouraging, and I’m still hoping to test for my black belt later this year – though there is still a lot to be learned before that exam.

#TheStretchProject from @blogilates [Virtual Coffee at High-Heeled Love]

The support system for the flexibility challenge (see my June Goals) has been amazing. I have received a lot of encouragement from the other popsters participating in the challenge…and the Mister has been doing the stretches with me.

So that probably catches us up for the moment. Thanks for indulging me in a bit of whining over some coffee. What’s going on in your world?