Thoughtless Thursday: Flashback

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I was going through some old photos and whatnot on Facebook today and found this note, written in January 2009. Since it’s Thoughtless Thursday, I thought I would share….not a lot has changed, but if something is completely different, I’ll comment in red.

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1. I’m an extremely competitive Scrabble player. Most of my friends won’t play with me anymore.

2. I hate the cold. I would rather live somewhere where it’s hot all the time than ever see snow again. San Juan, Puerto Rico is looking pretty good right now.

3. I could eat some sort of Asian food everyday and be happy; however, The Mister wouldn’t be.

4. I don’t care if it’s the most important meal of the day; when I wake up, the last thing I want to do is eat breakfast. However, if I don’t get my coffee, I may as well not get out of bed.

5. Two years ago, I didn’t even like beer.

6. I used to have my tongue pierced.

7. I never played any sports in high school.

8. I didn’t learn how to study until my senior year of college.

9. I have been friends with my best friend for 18 years and he still puts up with my crap 🙂

10. I sometimes will listen to one song on repeat all day….especially if I’m feeling sad.

11. The Fox and Hound still makes me teary.

12. I have a shoe problem. A new pair of strappy sandals always makes me smile.

13. America’s Next Top Model is a guilty pleasure for me.

14. I miss my mom everyday.

15. I think you’re never too old to play “make believe.”

16. I am terrified of spiders. Rob and The Mister have been using this to pull pranks of me for years.

17. I deejay a weekly radio show at the University for fun. I take a lot of pleasure in being able to say I played a band on the radio before they went mainstream.

18. I’ve had a passport since 2000 and never used it; I think this is really pathetic and hope to change that before it expires next year.

19. I love road trips and don’t mind driving for a really long time on the highway.

20. I have extremely high standards when it comes to customer service and will talk to a manager if necessary.

21. My dream car is a black 1996 Nissan 300Z with twin turbos, but I realize that if I get married and have kids, this is probably not a practical choice of car.

22. When I have children, I really want to name my daughter after my mom.

23. I’m probably a little too independent…sorry, the rest of this statement is a little too personal to put on my blog and I’m surprised that I put it on FB in the first place.

24. I have a really hard time with surprises and usually don’t wait until birthdays or Christmas to give gifts.

25. I’m extremely accident-prone, which I do not believe is the same thing as clumsy.

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