Those Who Blog Together…Pets

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Courtney at Chaos Theory has proposed a bi-weekly synchro-blog. Every other week there will be a topic, and you just write your thoughts and link up sometime that week. This week’s topic is pets.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” — Anatole France

I thought it was an interesting coincidence that the same week our synchro-blogging topic was pets I read a touching article in Real Simple by Anne Roiphe about her “incomparable bond with her beloved cat, Joey.”

Anne wrote about how her daughter initially rescued a litter of kittens, one of whom she kept. Eventually, Joey came to live with Anne after the daughter began working long hours as a young lawyer. The story progresses through Joey’s life; he was her “shadow,” living after her husband passed away. Eventually, at age 14, Joey passes away.

The story caused me to reflect on how our animals came to be in our lives and what a big part of our lives they have become.

Gracie belonged to an old roommate of mine, who had raised her from puppyhood. From the day I moved into that apartment, the Mister connected with her. She reminded him a lot of Buddy, the dog he’d had through his entire childhood. Gracie’s owner eventually got to where life struggles kept him from properly taking care of her, and when I moved back in with the Mister, she came with  me. At first it was because we were concerned that she wouldn’t get fed otherwise…and it was only temporary.

Five years later, Gracie is our old girl. We’re not exactly sure of her age, but I’m guessing eight to nine years old. She’s got lots of character. She thinks every baby, dog, cat and car should be her friend. She never misses a meal. She lives for her neighborhood and river walks, though in her old age, she’s really learned to appreciate a good nap in the sun.

Paige has been with us just three years. Unfortunately, about all we know of her history is that she was abused before she was rescued. For this reason, she’s timid and skittish around new people, especially men. And she doesn’t like loud noises or thunder. She’s my shadow and frequently refuses to eat her food until I get home from work. (Ask the Mister how he feels about that.)

Around me and the Mister, Paige is a love machine; she loves to snuggle up and get enough petting. She enjoys playing with the neighbor’s lab across the street and absolutely loves to wrestle and chase Gracie around the backyard.

We have one more pet who no longer lives with us. Tessa is an independent and thoroughly stubborn cat. She has no fear of dogs and loves to eat. She stayed with my mother-in-law while we were in San Francisco for our honeymoon and enjoyed being an only child so much that she refused to come home. (I’m  not kidding.) My MIL’s cat had to be put to sleep last year, so she’s just thrilled to have a new kitty to love on and spoil, so we have visitation rights. Tessa’s always been our chunky monkey, and her new nickname is “Butterball.”

So let’s hear your thoughts on pets. Maybe you just want to share a few photos. Maybe you want to tell us about your first dog. Maybe you’re allergic to cats and dogs and you have a pet turtle.