This Saturday, I’m grateful for…my marriage

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Are you participating in Maxabella Loves‘ Grateful Saturday link up? It’s always a great thing to stop and reflect on the blessings that we have in our lives.

This week, I’m grateful for my marriage. I know that I’m newly wed – we haven’t even been married six months yet. And five years of dating isn’t the same as years of marriage because the option to walk away was always there before. So I’m sure that we have plenty of challenges ahead of us, but nonetheless, I thank God every day that I have found a loving and accepting partner to walk with me.

I’ve mentioned several times over the past few weeks that we have a lot of friends getting married this year. This week, we’ll be attending two weddings…and I’ve shared photos of the couples. We’re really excited for them.

What I haven’t mentioned is that we also have friends who are possibly facing the end of a marriage after nearly a decade. Their story isn’t mine to tell. It’s been painful to watch people we care about deeply endure their situation, but the situation has helped the Mister and I open several doors for discussion. It’s helped us talk about how we want to handle hard times and what we expect of each other in times of adversity.

Let’s face it, we will face bumps in the road, and while we can’t predict exactly how we’ll deal with them, it’s good to try to lay the groundwork of communication. For now, I’m taking the time everyday to let my husband know that I love him and appreciate him. And making as many memories of happiness and laughter to pillow us on those bumpy times (hopefully not too bumpy) ahead.

 Photo by Chi Photograpy

Oh, and this post by the Teenage Bride, makes me smile and think of my husband. It’s too good not to share.

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