This Saturday, I’m grateful for…Moms

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It’s been a while since I’ve participated in Maxabella’s Grateful Saturday linky, but I thought I would join in today.

A couple weeks ago we got to spend Mother’s Day weekend visiting our families, and it was such a relaxing, refreshing weekend for me. Since then, I’ve really been thinking about our moms and the part they play in our lives. Maybe it’s because the church sermon that Sunday was about Ruth and how her daughter-in-law Naomi stayed by her side even when she could have left, or maybe it’s just because God’s really laying it on my heart to recognize my blessings.

As I’ve mentioned before, my own mother passed away while I was still a teenager and, of course, I miss her everyday. I’ve commented to my husband that it seems like I notice absence more as an adult, partly because I notice how many of my friends have developed such close relationships with their own mothers at this point in their lives. And I’ll probably feel that even more keenly when the Mister and I decide to have children.

 But I have to say that circumstances being what they have really helped me to appreciate and cherish the other mother figures that I have in my life.

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I have a wonderful step-mother who makes my father incredibly happy. She loves and accepts me and my siblings. Looks out for us and gives good advice without trying to replace our moms. She’s generous and happy and really is a fantastic blessing in our lives.

Halloween 2010

I have two mothers-in-love through my husband who are just fantastic women to be around. I have a lot of friends who don’t have great relationships with their MILs. And that’s just not the case with mine. The Mister’s mom looks out for me just like her own daughter. I can go to her with any insecurities and challenges that I have and know that she won’t judge…even if the problem has to do with her own son.

The Mister’s step-mother is just fun to be around. She’s had a some health challenge in the last five years; so we have to put that in perspective when we spend time with her, but she loves her family and believes in the abilities of all her children, step-children and grandchildren.

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I have absolutely wonderful aunts on all sides of my family whom I adore…especially my mom’s older sister, who is my godmother. The only sad spot here is that she lives on the west coast so I don’t get to see her that often.

Emily’s Wedding October 2010

And finally, both my best friends’ moms look out for me like I’m their own. Kate & Emily’s mom even took me on vacation with her daughters last summer. And Rob and I still laugh about how his mother grounded me in high school.

It’s true that I can’t pick up the phone and call my mom whenever I need a little comfort or an encouraging word. But I know she’s looking out for me. How else would I have all these wonderful women who bless my life?

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