This Saturday, I’m grateful for…good health

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Maxabella Loves is starting a Grateful Saturday link up this weekend. Paired with my Happy List on Sunday (sometimes Monday) for Mamarazzi‘s link up, I think this rounds out my blogging for the weekend. I don’t spend a lot of time at the computer on the weekend, so I’m going to try to regularly schedule these two posts.

You might be wondering what the difference between the posts are. For me, the Happy List, is a recap of the all the good things that have been happening lately; they’re always there even when it’s sometimes easier to focus on the not so good things. I want my Grateful Saturday posts to be more about reflection and self-improvement.

This week, I’m grateful for my good health. I don’t talk about work very much because this blog isn’t the forum for that, but I work in insurance sales…and I’m most comfortable in the health insurance market. So I get to talk with a lot of people who have dealt with all kinds of health challenges.

It’s made me realize that my husband and I have it pretty darn good. Most of us assume that younger people have fewer health problems than those who are older; statistically, that’s how it works. However, in real life, I’m realizing that I should be grateful for our good health. Not all our friends are so lucky.

We could be dealing with all sorts of challenges, and we’re watching our friends and peers face these things. It’s not because we’re young; so are they. I guess we’ve been lucky that God’s been looking out for us. Whatever, I realize we can’t take it for granted, and it may not last forever.

And since I do believe in the saying that God helps those who help themselves, I wanted to re-visit for myself the things that the Mister and I can do to maintain good health.

 Source: We Heart It

Eating healthy – This isn’t the first time that I’ve talked about this on the blog. The Mister and I do try to eat pretty healthfully. We buy produce locally when possibly and try to cook from scratch at home. We’ve tried to eliminate high fructose corn syrup from our diets and there’s rarely soda or fake sugar snacks in our cupboards. That said, I’ve been pretty slack this summer…we eat out a lot, and I pull a frozen pizza out the freezer more often than I cook lately. I think it’s time to revamp the home cooking, and we definitely need more fruits and veggies hanging out at the house (and getting eaten, not just going bad). And I could probably stand to take my vitamins more regularly.

 Source: We Heart It

Staying active – This is really something that I need to improve upon more than the Mister. A year ago this time, I was a lot more active because I wanted to look good for the wedding. Now, I want to be more active for my lifestyle and self-confidence than anything else. And the Mister and I are both working more hours at our jobs flying desks…so he’s not making it to jujitsu as often as he would like. Maintaining a fitness level is an investment in our future together, so I’m thinking we may need to pick another race or two to train for and maybe set a weekly exercise date.

Source: We Heart It

Greening our home – I describe our home as a little bit granola. The Mister and I try not to do chemicals in our cleaners, foods, dishes, etc. I just don’t think that we know the long-term effects of some of these things, and I’m not a fan of being a guinea pig. So, yes, I will spend more money on something that may be all natural. I read a lot of labels when I’m at the store. I think that 50-60 extra is worth avoiding what could happen to my health because of exposure over time to harmful substances. We also have a garden, recycle and compost….dirty hippies that we are =)

So what are you grateful for this week? If you want to play along, click on the button to link up to Maxabella’s blog.