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And no, I’m not talking about my age.

As some of you may know my friend Janna recently because a Thirty-One consultant. I’ve ordered a few fun pieces from her, and really been jazzed about the products.

I used this Easy Breezy Tote the entire time we were in California. It’s the perfect size for a carry-on.

When I saw that in April, Thirty-One was rolling out gym bags and they’re on special this month, I knew I would be ordering one.

So, this is the perfect time to hold an online catalogue party. And you’re invited!

Never been to an online catalogue party before? It’s super easy! You just click on my party invitation link, browse the catalogue and place your order.

Party consultant Janna’s photo

And don’t forget the awesome April special on the gym bags – if you spend $35,  you can order the small gym bag (pink bag on the floor in the photo above) for just $10 or the large gym bag (the black bag on the floor or pink bag on the box in the photo above) for just $25. You can also add the Icon-It personalization for just $7.

Thirty-One FB

If you live local to me, you can have the item shipped to my house, and I’ll bring it to you. If you don’t live local to me, you can have the time shipped directly to you. Items don’t ship until the party closes at the end of the month.

If you have questions, post them on the wall in the Facebook event for the party, and either Janna or I will get you an answer.

Happy Shopping!

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