The Mister’s View: Farmer’s Market

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Warning: This post is photo heavy!

Do you remember during Fun Friday last week that I shared photos from our trip to the All Local Farmer’s Market? I mentioned that I wouldn’t be able to attend the grand re-opening in their newly renovated building but that the Mister was going to attend and take pictures. Here’s a quick guest post from the Mister himself!

Fun Fridays

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to share my photos from last weekend at the grand re-opening of the All Local Farmer’s Market. On Saturday morning, the weather was beautiful. There was live music, fresh breakfast and free beer. (The perfect combination, Aubrey tells me.)

The building that the Market is in originally was an old print shop. Before the market moved there, it sat empty for years. Some of the most notable changes are to the exterior of the building. The brick was re-done to match the next door building (a local art gallery). There is the addition of a front porch and patio tables. The front of the building was also designed with garage doors that open to let breezes in when the weather is cooperative.
If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know my wife likes her coffee. With that being said, one of the newer vendors at the market is the Indah Coffee Co., which is run by a husband and wife who roast their coffee beans on-site. We’ve been drinking this coffee this week, and it sure starts the morning off right.

Here is a picture of me with Emile, who is the visionary behind the market. He also owns Caw Caw Creek Farm, where he raised pigs cruelty free for some of the tastiest pork products you can get in this area. Many of the local restaurants that Aubrey mentions use his pork and sausage in their dishes.
I know Aubrey mentioned City Roots last week in her post. Here are some really yummy looking greens from their gardens. City Roots is an urban farm, where all the food is grown using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods.

This is Teresa. She has created a line of health-conscious, chemically free home cleaning products called Green It Up. She also offers home cleaning services.
Here’s a sampling of the wares by Three Bad Seeds. I really liked how unique each hand-made craft was; each piece is made with thrifted wool and linen clothing. She also has an etsy store.
Aubrey tells me that she wants a t-shirt. Typical woman…she’s only thinking of her closet.
All right y’all, I think I’ve taken enough of your blog time today. Thanks for letting me share with you. I’ll make another blog appearance sometime soon.
The Mister

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