Links I’m Loving Lately: Mister’s Choice

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Throughout the workday, the Mister frequently sends me links to things he wants me to check out or thinks I would enjoy. I thought it would be fun today to share some of the links he’s sent me recently. Here is your first edition of a Mister’s Choice round-up.

Links I’m Loving Lately – Mister’s Choice

Community chili picks at Food 52

Source: Food 52

We love some chili in our house, and Mister regularly shares yummy and interesting ideas with me, like this Food 52 community collection of chili recipes.

DIY Charging Station

Source: Design Sponge

It seems like we have more and more devices that need charging these days, and who wants unsightly cords lying about. The Mister knew that I’d love this DIY charging station made from a vintage suitcase.

Diagonal Drawer Organization Source: Kitchn

Have you ever tried organizing your kitchen drawers diagonally? This drawer sure looks less cluttered than mine look, but I don’t know if that’s because of the different organizing system or if this kitchen just holds less stuff.

Lead in lipsticks: Which brands are the worst offenders?

Source: Washington Post

After looking over this list of offenders for the most lead in lipsticks, I know which brands I won’t be buying again. It’s a shame that most of these are drugstore brands; I’d like to keep my makeup budget in check. Have you checked your makeup bag to see if any of these colors are in it?

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