Swappy Goodness: Favorite Things

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This is a post that I’ve been trying to get to all week, but I am still sharing a computer with the Mister at home, and it just hasn’t happened. Yay, for my new battery arriving next week!

I received my Favorite Things Swap package on Monday. What a way to start the week! My partner is Ashley from Life After the Aisle. Go check her blog out; she’s such a doll. As always, Mamarazzi did a fabulous job pairing us up; Ashley’s favorite things were things I would have picked out for myself.

Here’s what she sent me.

I love that the package was complete with hot pink bubble wrap!

It’s always most fun to start with the sweets…Ashley’s favorite treats included Starburst jelly beans, chewing gum and chocolate truffles.

I didn’t take pictures of every note, but Ashley explained why each item was a favorite of hers. She said that she loves the owl trend, and picked these earring after reading my 11 questions post.

I was thrilled to receive this little kitchen doodad that will pull a hot pan or oven rack out; I hate sticking my hand in a hot oven.

Ashley’s favorite beauty items include tinted lip gloss and mascara. The mascara couldn’t have come at a better time as I was just about to shop for a new formula myself. I love the length this style gives as well as the shoe reference.

 And the package rounded out with a note from Ashley and some cute little initial notecards to go in my stationary collection.

Much thanks to Ashley for such a fabulous package and to Mamarazzi for hosting another successful, fun swap!