Swapoween Reveal

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I’ve been excited to show you guys my Swapoween package. Justine shipped my package early since she was attending a conference during the scheduled ship dates, but I just haven’t had time to take proper pictures of the goodies until this week.

I shared an introduction post last month; my partner this year is Justine from Little Dove Creations. This year’s Swapoween was her first swap ever, and I’ve never swapped with a mommy who had young children at home, so I had a good time making sure they were spoiled.

Here is what she sent me:

First, she sent a card with a magnet on the front; in the card, she explained that it was from a really cool local costume store. There were also seasonal decorating items such as a mini pumpkin, bakers twine and fun themed paper straws.

I rarely buy seasonal goodies for myself; so, it was fun to see some packed in the box – pumpkin M&Ms and Oreos. There were several more Reese’s cups in the package, but those are my favorite; so, they didn’t last long enough to be in the photos.

And my favorite part of the package…wine accessories! Those wine glasses are completely opaque; I’ve never seen black wine glasses before. The wine labels will be fun to dress up hostess gifts for any costume parties we may attend this year.

Thank you so much, Justine! And much thanks to the fabulous ladies at Chaotic Goddess Swaps for continuing to organize such a fun swap.