So let’s talk jujitsu…

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As I mentioned last week, our jujitsu dojo hosted our 2013 fall clinic. This is an annual event planned by our sensei and the other students, and we have jujitsu and other martial arts students from all over the country (and world) come in to visit us. This year, we had five people come from Hawaii and one student come all the way from China.

We started the clinic off by picking up some people from the airport. Our friend from Hawaii was staying with us. We went with her and some friends from California to get sushi and sake on Wednesday night. (If they share photos, I’ll come back and update this post)

Part of the Mister’s responsibilities within our system is that he is the exam coordinator for the southeastern region. So he schedules and handles the paperwork for any student who is testing for their black belt at this event.

This year he had to work, so local student and I handled running the actual exams all day on Thursday and the first half of Friday. There were six Nidan (2nd degree black belt) and two Sandan (3rd degree black belt) exam. We had a 100 percent pass rate.

On Friday afternoon, I got to put my gi on and go work out in the classes. Even though I took a bunch of cool classes this weekend, there very many pictures. After all, I was working out. Luckily, the Mister took some pictures from this class, which was taught by all the Yodans (4th degree black belts).

I got really spoiled with ukes (workout partners) this year. In the photos above, I’m working with Professor Kevin Colton, who runs a dojo in Santa Clarita, California. In other classes, I got to work with another professor and a couple 4th degree and 5th degree instructors. Not bad for a measly green belt.

Saturday morning, I managed to score a massage from one of dojo family members who runs a school in Chicago. I just about floated off the table.

Every year on Saturday evening, we have a celebratory dinner. It’s a great time for us to all get dressed up and have fun off the mat. Dinner this year was a lot of fun!

The top photo is the Mister and with some friends from California. They helped organize the National Convention that we attended back in the spring.
The bottom left is me with Soo Kim; she is the top student of the grandson of the founder of our system. She also travelled from Hawaii and is an incredible healer.
The bottom right is me with Filiberto, who is our dojo family in Chicago. He’s also who I scored that incredible rub from on Saturday morning.

We wrapped Sunday up by meeting a big group (Boston, Connecticut, Florida dojo family) for brunch and then some of us headed down to the Riverwalk.

Our dear friend Faye from Hawaii. She is such a sweetheart.

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