Snowed In

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 About 7:30 in the evening

Like almost all of the nation, we got snow over the weekend. It’s a rare thing for us to get any snow to speak of in South Carolina. It’s even more rare for it to stick, but on Friday afternoon, it started to snow. And it didn’t stop until we had more than six inches in our yard. The last time we had a heavy snowfall was in 2003, and I seem to remember that as mostly ice anyway.

And the morning after
Now, snow like this is no big deal in some parts of the country, but where I live, it can be a dangerous thing. People who are not used to it don’t know how to properly drive in snow and ice. On my way home from work that evening, I saw several abandoned cars that were stuck. We also don’t have enough snow plows to really take care of the roads. And typically, the ice will cause a lot of tree limbs to break, and there are power outages in great numbers. As I understand it, there are still about 25,000 people in Columbia that do not have power right now.
He was eating the snow; I didn’t throw any snowballs at him.
For that reason, we kept it pretty low key on Friday evening. The Mister made guacamole, and we reheated some chili and watched the Olympic opening ceremony on TV. The Mister has lived in the Columbia area his whole life so he took the dogs outside several times on Friday and Saturday to play in the snow, but I saw plenty of the stuff when I lived in Detroit and opted to stay in with red wine for company.
They were warming up by the air vent under the bookshelf.