Shoe Lust Saturday. Vol 1

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Good morning lovelies!

I hope everyone is well-caffienated and ready to discuss one of my great loves…shoes! If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ve probably my Shoe Lust Saturdays posted sporadically over the last year or so.

Last weekend, my Mister if he’d design a button for the posts so I could make it a weekly series and linky party. Well, I’m a lucky girl because he’s finally delivered. Now I have a shiny new button, and we can start linking up.


So the format for this party is going to be pretty simple. Just a couple of housekeeping items and then we can all share our thoughts on fabulous footwear. Y’all please don’t make me delete your links.

  1. Your post must contain the Shoe Lust Button.
  2. Your link must go to your Shoe Lust post, not your general blog url.
  3. Your Shoe Lust post must be about shoes in some format or fashion. Share what you’re wearing or lusting or pinning.

Okay, let’s get started. This week, I’ve been all over some lace heels. These are my favorite babies so far.

Source: via Aubrey on Pinterest