September Goals

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Happy September!

The weather doesn’t reflect it here, but I start to think fall once Labor Day is behind us, so yay!

It’s time to take a quick look at my goals for August and set some new goals for September. Here is what I hoped to accomplish last month:

  • Keep at the remodel; post an update or two about progress here on High-Heeled Love. In progress – We’ve been making progress, but I didn’t get any updates posted. 
  • Complete the #NoExcuses 1500 in 31 challenge. Done – I finished the month up with 1520 minutes!
  • Update my jujitsu notebook. In progress – I’m working on it, but I need to sit down and spend an afternoon really getting things up to date.
  • Have a family meeting with the Mister to get started with the Dave Ramsey course. Nope – We really need to do this in September
  • Help the Mister plan our fall garden. Update our garden blog. In progress – We’ve had a discussion of what we want to plant, but we haven’t made a formal plan. I did post two updates though!
  • Start planning for the holiday season; handmade gifts take time. Nope – This HAS to happen this month.
  • Thoroughly enjoy my birthday week and trip to Charleston. – YES!! The weekend was great.

So here are my September goals:

  • Get a remodel progress report posted.
  • Complete the #NOEXCUSES 1500 in 30 September challenge and the 30-day push-up challenge.
  • When the weather cools off, start the Couch to 5K program and pick a race for October
  • Update my jujitsu notebook before our clinic in October
  • Have a family meeting with the Mister about that budget
  • Make a holiday list and schedule and purchase supplies to get started
  • Help the Mister start the fall garden
  • Get supplies together at work for the September & October open enrollment mailings

Monthly Goals

What are your goals this month? Will you be linking up for the Monthly Goals party?